Zomma is the world's most innovative algorithm creator. We create competition crushing algorithms and quantitative strategies.

Our algorithms use powerful evidence based methods to pick direction in a variety of major financial markets.


Zomma also specializes in non-directional algorithms containing combinations of ETFs or futures which are chosen for their risk vs. return, correlation, and diversification characteristics.


Our non-directional algorithms contain ETFs or futures selected with the goal of maximizing performance in relation to risk by containing a collection of return generating components and hedges.


A typical Zomma algorithm can be easily implemented using highly liquid ETFs or futures.


Our solutions are powerful and data driven.


Zomma's macro view is that technology should help human decision making by solving complex problems with elegant solutions.


Zomma's algos and strategy indices helps firms create long term value by replacing reckless emotional decision making with cutting-edge technology based upon objective evidence.

Trust is the key to embracing innovation. We are happy to connect new clients with senior executives at large institutions which already use our technology.

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