Need: You are an asset management firm that wants to license our strategy indices for ETFs and Mutual Funds.


Solution: We license our  algos and strategy indices to some of the word's largest financial instituions. Give us a call.


Need: You are an energy company, sovereign wealth fund, government, bank, asset management firm, RIA, hedge fund, or principal trading organization that wants a custom algorithm or strategy index.


Solution: We get those requests all the time. Call us and let's have a conversation about how we can design a custom algorithm or strategy index that meets your specific needs.


Need: You are a financial institution that wants exposure to a new algorithm or strategy index without seven figure development costs.


Solution: We are happy to explore partnerships with large institutions in which we share in a percentage of the profits generated by our algorithms and our strategy indices.

Need: You are a do it yourself investor who wants to explore the world of algos and strategy indices.


Solution: Our older, publicly available, technology has been featured on SeekingAlpha and a variety of industry blogs. Each year, our research is viewed by thousands.

Trust is the key to embracing innovation. We are happy to connect new clients with senior executives at large institutions which already use our technology.


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